How will tuning my car affect its fuel mileage?

  • Our tunes provide a modest fuel optimization. This results in an increase in fuel efficiency in some cars (mostly naturally aspirated) and a relatively stagnant efficiency in others. However, all cars that receive a tuning service will be optimized and therefore provide more power out of the fuel that is being burned when compared to the stock tune.

Is it possible to switch between the stock tune and Mase Flash?

  • On many cars, we offer the option to purchase a Mase Flash Programmer. The programmer allows the user to switch between tunes simply by plugging it into the OBD2 port in your car. Switching between tunes with the programmer is quick and easy, only taking about 50 seconds.

How long is the turnaround on a tune?

  • Typically, if we are able to receive the ECU in the morning, we can have it shipped out within 24 hours. Otherwise, it can be up to 48 hours.

I'm not happy with a tune that was put on my car by the previous owner, can you fix it?

  • We can repair and retune most ECUs with a preexisting tune; however, some ECUs like those tuned by APR must be brought to the dealership to be reflashed in order for us to access them.

Should I use a battery charger on my car when using the Mase Flash Programer?

  • We recommend always using a battery charger while using the Mase Flash Programmer. The programmer's writing process will occasionally activate the fans of certain vehicles, which will drain the battery. A loss in battery voltage while flashing the ECU can result in permanent damage.

What fuels can you tune for?

  • All of our tunes on the website are made to be used with 91/93 octane pump gas. However, we do offer tuning on E85 and race fuels upon request. If you have a request for a tune using a fuel other than pump gas, please submit a form on the Contact Us page, found here, and outline the type of tune that you are looking for.