Factory ECU Flash

At Mase Flash, we currently offer a large selection of flashes for factory ECUs. The majority of flashes available are listed under our Tuning tab; however, we are capable of flashing many more. If you don't see your specific vehicle on our site, please feel free to inquire here.

Mase Flash Programmer

The Mase Flash programmer is an option that is available with a majority of our ECU flashes. For an extra charge, we will provide you with our handheld programmer which contains your new tuned flash, as well as your stock tune. The programmer is great for those who want to switch to their tune for some spirited driving, and then switch back to their stock tune at the end of the day for daily driving. The programmer is also great for those that want to switch between different types of fuels. While running the stock tune and 93 octane fuel, you could pull up to the gas station to put E85 in your car and by the time that you're finished fueling up, the E85 tune will already be flashed. The programmer quickly flashes your new tune in under a minute and is simple enough for anyone to use.

Engine Management Systems


Apart from factory ECU tuning, we also specialize in tuning of aftermarket engine management systems. 

Some of the engine management systems we are familiar with include:

 AEM Apexi Power FC Big Stuff 3 Bosch Motorsports
DiabloSport ECUFlash Fast Greddy Emanage
Haltech Hondata HP Tuners Hydra Nemesis
Megasquirt Microtech MoTeC Power Commander


Aftermarket EMS tuning is only available in person or through remote tuning. For questions regarding EMS tuning, please fill out a contact us form, found here, and include information on your vehicle, engine, EMS, and any relevant mods. 

Motorsports Consultation

With experience, comes knowledge. The more you familiarize yourself with different builds and engine setups, the more one can point out strengths and weaknesses. With 10 years of experience in professional motorsports, we incorporate the knowledge of championship winning teams into each and every project. When we aren't tuning, we are often consulting clients on current and future projects. We do research hours on end, and will track down goals you strive to meet, and ensure that it is done right the first time.

For any interest in consultations, please fill out the consultation form, found here, to completion. All consultation requests are viewed on a case by case basis.

Remote Tuning

Mase Flash is happy to offer remote tuning services for many different models of vehicles. Remote tuning is a great way to squeeze out every bit of power available, and works great on modified cars. For those interested in scheduling a remote tuning session, please fill out the contact us for found here.