BMW 335i ECU Flash

Mase Engineering

BMW 335i ECU Reflash for N54 Engines. Feel an instant increase in power with your new ECU tune. 

Gains 60-70 whp

Adjustments to Fuel/Ignition Curve/Boost Levels/Throttle Mapping

We offer two options for your BMW 335i ECU Reflash: 

  • The base flash involves the purchaser sending your ECU(s) to us and we will flash your new tune and typically have the ECU(s) sent back within 48 hours.
  • Option two is a flash using the Mase Flash Programmer. For an additional charge, we send you the Programmer preloaded with your new tune. To load the tune onto your car, you simply must plug the Programmer into the OBD2 port and follow the provided instructions. One benefit of the Programmer is that it allows you to switch between your new tune and the stock tune at any time.


*All Mase Flash Products are intended for off road use only. *