BMW M5 ECU Flash

Mase Engineering

With the Mase Flash BMW M5 ECU Flash for the F10/F90, you can unlock the full potential of one of BMW's best engines. On top of an incredible 100+ HP and TQ gain, we rework the throttle maps to improve the cars throttle response. With our tune, the car will feel completely different and is guaranteed to improve in almost every aspect.

Our custom BMW E60 M5 ECU Flash has been proven to make a substantial increase in performance and driving experience, when compared to stock. By recalibrating fuel/ignition we were able to extract an additional 25+ HP/TQ to the rear wheels. Drivability will be much improved with a better throttle response and a smoother delivery of power throughout the whole RPM band. We highly recommend this flash for anyone looking to bring out the full potential of their M car. 

One of our handheld programmers must be used to tune the BMW M5. Once you place your order, we send you the Programmer preloaded with your new tune. To load the tune onto your car, you simply must plug the Programmer into the OBD2 port and follow the provided instructions. One benefit of the Programmer is that it allows you to switch between your new tune and the stock tune at any time.

*All Mase Flash Products are intended for off road use only. *

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