Ferrari 488 GTB ECU Flash

Mase Engineering

From the factory, the Ferrari 488 GTB's 3.9L Twin Turbocharged 8-cylinder engine boasts an impressive 660 horsepower to the motor and an incredible 560 ft/lbs of torque. During our extensive testing on our chassis dyno, we found the factory 488 configuration to output 534 wheel horsepower and 421 ft/lbs of torque.   

Through precise recalibration to fuel/ignition/boost tables inside of the ECU, we are able to extract a gain of 100whp/tq just with our Flash alone and no other engine modifications.  Ferrari has implemented a variation level of boost depending upon what gear you are in.  We further optimize this control structure, and the result really shows.  

Drivability is smoothed out and when you put your foot down, the car turns into a rocket.  

The Ferrari 488 GTB ECU Flash requires the ECU to be shipped to our facility. In most cases, we can turn around and ship it back same day to minimize downtime.  We include a guide on how to safely remove the ECU for shipment.