Ferrari California / California T ECU Flash

Mase Engineering

Our Ferrari California ECU Flash is the perfect upgrade for those who want to safely extract more performance out of their car without making any mechanical changes. The California is already a great car, however with our custom ECU tune, we will recalibrate the fuel and ignition tables to safely draw out the full potential of the engine while improving throttle response and maintaining optimal air fuel ratios; whether your California is completely stock or has aftermarket performance parts installed, the car will feel considerably refined which will make for an even more enjoyable driving experience.    

Our Ferrari California T ECU Flash is great for anyone who wants to greatly improve the performance of their car. Through precise recalibration to fuel/ignition/boost tables inside of the ECU, we are able to extract a gain of 100whp/tq just with our Flash alone and no other engine modifications.  Ferrari has implemented a variation level of boost depending upon what gear you are in.  We further optimize this control structure, and the result really shows.  

Drivability is smoothed out and when you put your foot down, the car turns into a rocket.

The Ferrari California/T ECU Flash requires mailing in the ECU. Once you have purchased the Flash through our website you will receive an email confirmation, included will be the steps you must follow to remove  the ECU from your vehicle. After we have received the ECU it will be flashed usually the same day and mailed back promptly.  

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