Sea-Doo 260/300 ECU Flash

Mase Engineering

Introducing our new Sea-Doo 260/300 ECU Flash!

With our new Sea-Doo 260/300 ECU Flash, we are able to eliminate limiters set by the factory and increase the top speed of your Sea-Doo jetski by about 5 MPH. This ECU flash is the best way to improve the performance of your jetski without having to tear it apart and make any mechanical changes. The tune is perfect for those who want to speed by their friends while out on the water.

The Sea-Doo 260/300 ECU Flash is currently only offered as a base flash. This involves sending your ECU to our facility where we will flash your new tune and have it sent back within 48 hours. However, we are constantly producing new products and will have the Mase Flash Programmer as an available option very soon!

For other Sea-Doo models, please fill out and submit the form on our Contact Us page, found here. Custom tuning available for select models.